Production & consulting

A boy experimenting with a gyro at Teknikens HusTravelling exhibitions
Teknikens Hus offers hands-on exhibitions on different science themes.

More information and reservations, please contact
Anna Almqvist, tel +46 920 49 22 86,

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Exhibition production
Real exhibits from the real world! The exhibit design and production team of Teknikens Hus has a vast experience of exhibit production with the starting point in the technology of the real world. Teknikens Hus can design and fabricate single exhibits or a whole exhibition area, aswell as copies of existing exhibits at Teknikens Hus – everything from a real working paper machine to a water vortex.

More information and orders, please contact
Anders Johansson tel 46 920 49 22 15

Are you planning a science center? Would you like your exhibition to be more interactive? How do you maintain interactive exhibitions? The reality based approach at Teknikens Hus has been a reference for many science centers in Sweden and throughout the world. We invite you to share this experience!

More information,  please contact
Anders Johansson tel 46 920 49 22 15